Understanding the interactions of the colloids (microorganisms and biomolecules) with surfaces and between themselves is a key factor that can lead to improvements in several fields, such as the biotechnology industry or the development of nano-carriers for drug delivery.

These interactions can be studied and analysed by applying different tools and techniques, and this is our main objective in SURBIO!

The activities of the Jožef Stefan Institute and consortium partners will be mainly focused on:

    • Training in state-of-the-art analytical methods for the study of microbial cell-surface and microbial cell- colloid interactions to facilitate its future implementation.

    • Improving capabilities in iterative wet-dry methodologies applied to decipher complex cell-surface and cell-cell interactions through systems biology techniques (Cell Physiology)

    • Facilitate Knowledge exchange, assessments & policy recommendations on Cell- Cell-Surface Interaction research and applications.


High-impact research results on surface and colloid biology, positioned on the intersection between material science and molecular microbiology

Improved Knowledge transfer

Boosted interest on surface and colloid biology

Increased peer-reviewed publications on the topic

Increased patenting

Contract research for industry in each of the fields of interest (waste removal, paper industry, food production, pharmaceutics).

Standardisation of methodologies

New possibilities in analytical testing

Expanded range of testable samples

International recognition of Slovenian research field