The SurfBio Innovation Hub is currently organized as a collaborative network structured around the Colloid Biology “OPEN LAB”, which is the contact or access point to the network. The Hub is technically operated through in-kind contributions from the Laboratory for Colloid Biology, Department for Environmental Sciences, Jožef Stefan Institute. 

Our network is set to increase the scientific knowledge on the interactions between microbial cells, between microbes and inanimate surfaces and between microbes and higher organisms. We want to increase the visibility of the fields of colloid and surface biology and build a broad scientific community and partner network through organization of workshops, conferences and summer schools. Also, we want to more effectively approach the problems faced by the industry to provide them new solutions or train the staff that can tackle these problems. 

The knowledge available and that to be further generated we want to apply to various fields, from biodegradation and bioremediation to food production and safety, antimicrobial activity, medicine and sensor technologies.

Our Governance Advisory Committee will identify the most critical industrial needs, and the market trends that will provide a sustainable and well-established continuity of the Innovation Hub. For that, an access market strategy will be developed to identify industry and stakeholders needs to attract new clients, and we will develop the business plan accordingly.

Last 9th November was a remarkable day for the SURFBIO project, as we inaugurated the Innovation Centre for Surface and Colloid Biology Research. This innovative initiative will revolutionise the research landscape and create a dynamic environment dedicated to exploring the complex interactions between cells- cells and cells-surfaces. The centre is set to be a catalyst for innovation and deliver solutions that cut across a range of industrial sectors, including agri-food, water treatment, environmental technologies, health and new materials.


The concept of LEGO microbes

Learn more about the concept of LEGO microbes, which allows the construction of different bacterial consortia in the form of spherical aggregates or biofilms on surfaces.

Food safety & production

Discover the transformative capabilities of microbes and how they can improve food safety and the food production landscape.

Sustainable solutions

Learn about the dynamics of microbe-surface interactions, that drive environmentally friendly fertilisation practices that stimulate plant growth or bioremediate polluted environments.


Get to know more about the potential of microbes that can be used as medicine to directly fight disease or to restore the natural microbiota.    



Industrial stakeholders are able to test their ideas, get their “proofs-of-concept” before investing or ask for the development of new final solutions to their problems. Also, long-term research and development support is available on individual case-by-case basis. 

Staff training

The training of staff is possible at the OPEN-LAB without numerous initial barriers. Staff can learn about different methodologies, operation of equipment and scientific approaches. 

Workshops / Summer Schools

Each year the Innovation Hub will organize at different locations summer/winter schools in the form of student and research staff training.

Conferences and networking

We currently foresee a biannual conference for colloid and surface biology organized individually or as part of more general conferences on Microbiology, Colloids and Material Sciences. 


Are you a PhD student, or a Senior Researcher and want to be part of our Training sessions? Do not hesitate and leave us a message!

Are you an Industrial Professional, an SME, or Standardization body member interested in what our Innovation Hub has to offer? Contact us!

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